Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ramona Grace

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May I introduce Ramona Grace. Now don't let the name fool you, because this little hellion is anything but grace. This tiny terror drives even the most patient nun to her wit's end. The chief complaint from the sisters is that Ramona will stand a short distance and just stare at them. It wouldn't be so bad, but a few sisters have woken up in the middle of the night to find Ramona just standing in the corner, watching them. It must be added that Ramona never sleeps. That is why she has those dark circles under her beady eyes. Ramona has a penchant for contrariness and foot-stamping. Lastly, it will take a mother's instinct to get over the natural gag reflex most have when looking at this little wretch.

Ramona Grace is made out of needle-sculpted cloth and paperclay. She is made from my own patterns. I hand-painted her with acrylics and sealed her with a coat of varnish. Ramona's dress is made from black cotton and is trimmed rows of tiny pintucks and ivory lace. Ramona is wearing bloomers trimmed with ivory lace and a petticoat.

The tiny wooden blocks spelling "bad" are included in the auction. The "r" block has the letter "b" on the back.

Doll stand is not included in this auction.

This doll will be signed by me, Melisa of Coppermouse Dolls.


kay susan said...

Oh! She's lovely. That grumpy face must be your best yet!

Jennifer said...

Saw your work on ebay and was intrigued by the group name MRSBO so I had to check out your wonderful blog. Great work. Can't wait to see more:)

Patricia said...

She is just absolutely wonderful and somewhat charming. I view your beautiful work through reader and each time you post you make my day and I smile. Thanks.

Natalie said...

Oh Melisa---

This is another of my Favorites!!!
She's Brilliant!!! Terrific expression, wonderful design, and great story.
I wish you LOTS of bids on her. She's Amazing!!!



Nina Mason said...

Your work is always surprising and inspiring! I'm giving you the "You Make My Day" award! To collect your award, visit my blog at


Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you Nina. And thanks to everyone else who took the time to leave a comment.

Fran said...

Love her. The expression on her face is pricless. Keep these wonderful creations coming.

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you Fran.:)

Anonymous said...

I left this same comment for "Ramona" over on MRSBO but must say it again...LOVE her face! That expression is priceless. Your dolls are just wonderful.