Friday, March 21, 2008

Chicken Girl On Ebay...Again.

Honor Bumblydour 001

Well this has been a very busy week for me. So I kinda ran out of time to make a doll. This week I am offering my Chicken Girl doll once more on Ebay.

May I introduce Honor Bumblydour, the chicken-girl. She is holding her grammar book and is ready for today's lesson. Honor is very attentive, but is easily distracted by very small rocks.

We hope you can bring Honor home with you because our cook, Mrs. Milleford Skimpole, has tried twice already to roast poor little Honor and stuff her with bread and all the fixings. "Imagine how succulent she'd be!" cried Mrs. Skimpole as the sisters dragged her away. Honestly, can you imagine cooking Honor on a bed of carrots and onions with lots of yummy gravy and...excuse me.

But I digress. Honor is very good little chicken-girl and would go quite well with green beans.

Honor is made out of needle-sculpted cloth and paperclay. She is made from my own patterns. I hand-painted her with acrylics and sealed her with a coat of varnish. Her red grammar book is made out of polymer clay and is also sealed with acrylic varnish. Honor's dress is made from a lovely scrolling floral cotton. Honor is wearing bloomers trimmed with ivory lace, a petticoat and an apron.

Doll stand and chair are not included in this auction.

This doll will be signed by me, Melisa of Coppermouse Dolls.

Thanks for supporting my dollmaking and strange little dolls.

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punkindoodleboo said...

Hello Melisa,

I love your work, and your imagination and gift inspires me.
Flora of Bone Head Studios gave me the "You Make My Day Award" and I am passing it on to you!

Punkin Doodle Boo Folk Art