Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mrs. Cluttersbuck's Joel Ellis Style Apron

Someone in my one of my Ebay groups did an apron for her own Izannah Walker doll. I loved it. In fact, I told myself the next doll I make should have an apron. So I pulled out one of my favorite books, The Ultimate Doll Book by Caroline Goodfellow and studied the picture above of an original Joel Ellis doll with it's starched apron. The book says the apron is "stiffened cotton with printed "embroidery."" So my goal was to make my own version of this apron.

I drafted a pattern. Next, the pattern was transferred to red broadcloth and "stiffened" it with a light interface. After I sewed the pattern and turned it inside-out, I began recreating the original Ellis design with pencil. There was some debate over whether I would actually embroider it with white floss or paint the design. Painting the design won out in the end. I used a white gel pen and used a pin to create the dots.

Here are the pictures I took just after I finished painting the apron. The final step is sew a buttonhole and attach a button.


mimi k said...

wow- it turned out beautifully!

thecoppermouse said...

Thank you Mimi. I appreciate it.

maija said...

Thank you very much for sharing pics. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melissa! I love what you've been doing with cloth. I found out that smartflix will ship to Canada, so I'm going to check it out over x-mas holidays. I stopped by MRSBO page on ebay yesterday - it looks great. Sorry that I've not been participating - I've just been so overwhelmed w/ school. But I'll have some time over x-mas.

So nice to hear from you!