Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coppermouse Dolls Ebay Auction: Primitive Annie

Welcome to this week's auction for my primitive Annie doll. She is approximately 12 inches tall. Annie is entirely handmade from my own patterns. She is sculpted out of cloth and paperclay. Her blue cotton dress and bloomers are permanently attached.

What can I say about this doll? She is a curious feisty little red-head, full of life.

It is my opinion that every dollmaker needs to make their own version of Raggedy Anne.

Here is the link for Annie (it will not work until 9 p.m. central tonight).


Sandra Evertson said...

This Dolly is Amazing!
I'm having a little coming out party for one of my dolls, come on over for a visit!
Sandra Evertson

kay susan said...

I think she's lovely! I was inspired by you to make my own version of Raggedy Annie, but she's nothing like yours!