Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Percival Up for Adoption on Ebay MRSBO

May I introduce to you Percival (under no circumstances may you call him "Percy" because of a pending lawsuit from the unfortunate couple with whom I most regrettably forgot to warn). Percival is currently residing in Mrs. Blathersby's Orphanage (MRSBO) and just cannot wait to find a new home with lovingly dedicated parents. Percival's story is a rather sad tale. He was brought to the orphanage earlier this year after his parents met with an unfortunate boating "accident." Now our poor little chap has become somewhat of an expert on maritime disasters. Percival can tell you about every single recorded major disaster at sea from memory (and I must suggest you pay attention). Percival is only five years old and I firmly believe you are the just the loving home he needs. At such a tender age, there is still hope for little Percival.

Potential parents may view Percival here.


November said...

Hello there! I must say I find your dolls most exciting and funny. Percy... no, wait, Percival is cutest little rascal ever! I hope he finds a loving home (hopefully away from sea so Percival cannot practise his unfortunate hobbies of misfortunes...)

thecoppermouse said...

Thank you November. It will definitely take a special home for little Percival.