Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mrs. Blathersby's Orphanage (MRSBO)

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I have just started a brand new Ebay group called Mrs. Blathersby's Orphanage for the Unattractive and Mentally Unsound (MRSBO). The group's focus is to create a community and an online presence for dollmakers who like to make bizarre, weird, ugly and strange primitive and folk art dolls.


Group Charter:
When applying for membership to MRSBO, please supply the following information:

1. Your first name.
2. Your return email address.
3. Your reason for wanting to join MRSBO.
4. You must provide examples of your work.
5. Website, blog or photo galllery URL.
6. How did you learn about MRSBO (Mrs. Blathersby's Orphanage)?

If you would like to join our group, please review our etiquette guidelines below.

MRSBO Guidelines:

Please use proper etiquette, correct spelling, good grammar and common sense when posting.

Posts that are uncivil, impolite, discourteous, malicious, or inflammatory are counter-productive and minimize the zest of MRSBO for others and are grounds for immediate expulsion. In addition, Mrs. Blathersby frowns upon coarse and unrefined language. After all, there are children present.

So I hope to hear from some new applicants.

Happy Dollmaking,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making the pulse page, and on your new group! Sounds very cool (I LOVE the name!!) I am thinking of putting a doll on ebay and seeing how it goes (I've only ever listed on Etsy) but I'm still a little nervous cause I'm not sure how it all works! And thank for all those animation suggestions - my husband is a big fan if Jan Svenkmajer (sp?) so I will be checking him out out soon. Happy doll-making!

thecoppermouse said...

I wanted to add that if I may be of any assistance concerning Ebay, just ask.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of help with ebay - I might take you up on that! (I don't know if that was directed at me or general, but thank you either way.) Also, I forgot to sat befor eh ow amazing you're needle-sculpting is. Something I hope to try some day. Are you self-taught, or are there any books you could recommend?

Megan said...


Not sure if you meant to - but you spelled orphanage incorrectly in your fantastic logo.

(Thought I'd mention it given your rule about correct spelling and grammar (chuckle).



thecoppermouse said...

Dear Megan,

EGAD!!! Thank you for pointing that out. It has now been corrected.

Dear Black-Eyed Suzie,

I learned how to needle-sculpt using Akira Blount's DVD. You may rent it at Smartflix.com for $9.99. I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melissa - I live in Canada but I will see if I can find it here. Also, does one have to be a seller on ebay to join your group? I'm a buyer only for the time being, but I would love to join (but I understand if that's against the rules.) You can see pictures of what I've sold on Etsy at http://blackeyedsuzie.etsy.com

thecoppermouse said...

As long as you have an Ebay ID, I can invite you to join. Send it to me at the_coppermouse (at) yahoo (dot)com.