Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Memoriam: New Update

August 24, 2007 Update:

Susanna Oroyan's memorial service will be:

Wednesday, September 5th at 1:30
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
3925 Hilyard
Eugene, OR

to be followed by a reception at the same address at 2:30

A second memorial service and Internment will be in Hawaii.

Eugene Doll Club has organized a memorial fund to first pay
for a memorial page in Doll News and secondly the surplus would go
to Tom Oroyan to help defer expenses.

Please send any donations in care of
Judy Parmenter
Eugene Doll Club
96494 Hwy 99 W
City, OR 97448

Today Susanna Oroyan passed away. She is the reason I began making dolls. I picked up her book, Fantastic Figures, in the Summer of 2000. I was introduced to a whole new world of creative expression. I would not have that voice without Susanna Oroyan. She is and always will be the dollmaker's muse. May she rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her.


Tami said...

Oh that is so very sad to hear. I first heard about her when I bought her books on doll-making (truly great reference books on the subject.) I understand that she's been fighting the good fight against cancer for a long while now. I'm sorry that she's finally gone.

Katie said...

Her books are among my most precious. So sad. :(

Fran said...

I have all of her books and I love reading and looking at them over and over. I'm inspired by her work. She fought a long hard battle with her cancer for several years. She is loved and missed very much.

Tami said...

Do you happen to know the address where we can send condolence letters to her family? The ladies of my doll club have been asking for it.

Dee said...

I would also love an address to send condolence cards or letters. This is the first I have heard this and I am heart broken.....

Dee said...

Susanna Oroyan
3270 Whitbeck Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97405
T: 541 345-0242
F: 541 345-0242
Got this off the NIADA site

Angie said...

Thank you so much for posting this information about the passing of dear Susanna Oroyan. I am so very sad to hear of this. She was (and still is)such an inspiration to us dollmakers. Her books are beautiful, wonderfully helpful, and so creatively freeing. I will send a card.
On the upside, Googling for this information led me to your wonderful blog. I will return!
Thank you again-