Friday, August 24, 2007

Blue Fairy *Updated with auction link*

Tonight the auction for this dolls starts at 7:30 pm Pacific. Here is the link, but it won't work until 7:30 pm Pacific tonight, August 28. Ebay link or 120155890923

Here is a sneak peek of my Ebay auction for Tuesday August 28, 2007. She is a hand made, one-of-a-kind, paperclay fairy doll. She stands on her own at 17.5 inches. Her dress is hand dyed by me. The bodice features aves apoxie sculpted adornments. Her slippers are made out of black and silver brocade satin. Her hair is a black Tibetan lambskin wig with blue micro-glitter added for highlights. This doll is more of a "pretty" fairy and was made during a respite from my latest Big Nose Fae (scroll down to learn more about it). If you would like to be notified via email when I list a new doll for sale, go to the right hand side of my blog and join my Yahoo group. You do not need to have a Yahoo account. Thanks and I hope you will bid on my latest endeavor.


Sharon-NZ said...

my gosh, that is absolutely stunning, blew me away. I love her and the colours just pop out, great job shes awesome

hugs sharon - nz

thecoppermouse said...

Thank you, Sharon.