Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dollmaker at work

After reviewing all of the comments I have received, I have begun to make changes on my Big Nose Fae. I have added more trim and a nice full petticoat. The picture above is of some silk I am in the process of dyeing. Several of you suggested more color. I have chose to dye the silk a nice coral pink color. I know exactly what I want to do with it as well. Now I just need to wait for it to dry.

For homework, I've been studying Marilyn Radzat's incredible work. I consider her to be a master of embellishment. It's amazing to me how she does it. She is certainly inspiring. Well, that's all for now. Please stay tuned for updates of my Big Nose Fae.


patl said...

hi Melisa,

I love your big nose fae - you deserve all the positive strokes you got! I hope you stay true to yourself in this, I love her subtle colors, though I agree, you might want to rethink her wings and would love to see more layers ....

look forward to seeing what you do with her... and the next one you move on to!!!

(pat lillich)

Susana Bernardes said...

I like your dolls a lot!
I like Pat ones too..


Susana Bernardes