Friday, June 01, 2007

Polymer Clays Eyes Tutorial WIP

Geez! Writing a tutorial sure takes a lot of work. And it's even more time consuming when you don't know how to use Microsoft word. Despite my frustrations, it is coming along. I have finished taking all of the photos and finished a first draft. I hope to have it done by Monday or Tuesday. Cross your fingers and pray I don't throw the computer out the window.


Vee said...

Hi Coppermouse..

tx for stopping by my blog... funny enough I was in here the other day looking at yours!

I forget my circuitous route...sometimes I come via some bear maker blogs..I often "hop" through blog lists.

Have been here a few times looking at your sculpted dolls. I must try "clay over" sometime.

Have you tried using polymer clay for sculpting..I am wondering why you began with paperclay?

thecoppermouse said...

Dear Vee,

Yes, I have sculpted with polymer clay with less than stellar results. However, I will say I know more about polymer clay now than I did when I last tried to sculpt with it.

The reason I love working with paperclay is it is like working with water-base clay. Also, I like working on a larger scale. (I just finished reading Martha Armstrong Head's book about dollmaking. She recommends working no larger than 16 inches. She feels larger dolls tend to be clumsy or awkward.) I have to be careful and not get too big. But that's what I like about paperclay. It allows for large scale work.

Furthermore, I will add that my fingers are not nimble enough to make 8 inch dolls. I am amazed and love the work of artists working on such a lilliputian scale.

Thanks for stopping by. I love having the company.

Happy Bearmaking,