Saturday, May 12, 2007

New doll in the works.

I didn't like the open mouth. So, I sculpted some new lips, closing her mouth and giving her a slight smile. Also, her eyes needed some work. They were too sunken for my tastes. So I added some "flesh" to her brow making her look a little less scary.
Her eyes are handmade by yours truly.
Be sure to check back for more updates on this doll. She is going to be a dark fairy or succubus.


Pedro said...

Hi Im Peter from Peru in South America.Im learning to make dolls.
From this moment your my inspiration to create dolls!
Your the best!

thecoppermouse said...

Thank you Peter. My advice is to get some great anatomy books and learn the human figure.

Always look at those who are stand-outs in the industry. I have a great selection of links to some incredible doll artists from all around the world. Each artist has his or her own way of expressing themselves.

Learn from your mistakes. If you make something that didn't work, examine it and ask yourself what is it that failed. What can you do next time to improve? Never give up.

Happy Dollmaking,