Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Nose Fae Update & Name

Hooray! I have finally chosen a name for my big nose fae. It is Avarona Milkweed. Her first name is Celtic in origin, sadly I do not know it's meaning. Her last name reveals a bit of her nature. She will be a little mischievous faery.

This past Friday, my husband and I went to our most favorite place on the planet, the Golden D'or. Golden D'or is a huge fabric outlet in the Dallas fabric district. They have every kind of fabric you could ever imagine and the best prices to boot. I found a nice light green stretch velvet to make Avarona's dress out of, and some lovely iridescent organza for her wings. I can't wait to get started on her costume.

Today, I just finished drying out her feet and calves. Now that they are dry, I can sand and refine them as needed. Her arms are finished. Her face still needs some work. Also, I have added more detail to her chest. She now has shoulder blades and collar bones.

Be sure to check back for more details. Lastly, I have included a sneak peek at my next creation.

Happy Dollmaking!

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Katie said...

What an interesting name (for a very interesting doll...I can't wait to see her costume). I couldn't resist looking it up! Seems to have to do with Arthurian Legend. Avarona is King Arthur's burial place.