Sunday, March 25, 2007

An Update

Well, my leg is still broken. I wound up having a really bad allergic reaction to some medication. I still am not able to work on my dolls. However, I am working on store banners to sell on Etsy. I see my orthopedic doctor this Tuesday to get a new cast. Lastly, I still have a little over two weeks before I am completely healed up. I hope everyone else is doing well.
Happy Dollmaking!!!


Judi said...

Maybe you should try your hand at sculpting! That's what Kerry is doing - she broke her ankle! Hope you heal well.

Anonymous said...

Hi there I am also in a cast after breaking my foot in 2 places and had a reaction to the vicoden so they changed it and now it's better.How are you feeling?Fee free to email me,David.