Sunday, January 21, 2007

This Doll Is Driving Me Bonkers!!!

You ever have that one doll that is a pain in the booty ever danged step of the way? Well, this doll is exactly that for me. She was originally intended to be something else, but that project fell by the wayside. So I decided I wanted to salvage her and make her into something different. This is what happens when you don't plan everything out in advance. I know I need to set her aside and focus on a new project, but I am afraid if I do that; she'll never be finished.

Her hair is still fuzzy because it still needs to be sewn in a few places and therefore it hasn't been sprayed with some hairspray. I want to make her some sort of hat from the Middle Ages, but I can't decide which one to make (there are so many awesome hats and headdresses from that time period!). Oh God, don't even get me started on her feet! I could go and on.

I suppose I should make a couple of primitive dolls and just relax. It helps sometimes to unwind by making a doll from someone else's pattern.

Please feel free to comment on any of your unpleasant dollmaking experiences. Misery loves company.


ready to pretend said...

I think that she needs something to do with her hands.
She is sort of asking for a purpose.
She has sort of the bemused look of someone left too long with a toddler.
Hope this helps.

thecoppermouse said...

Dear Janet,

Excellent comment on her idle hands. I think the problem with this doll is that it has no purpose. Sometimes it happens. I'm afraid she might be headed to the doll morgue! Poor thing!!! :p

Kai said...

Oh, no! Not the doll morgue! She's really quite wonderful! You've dressed her SO beautifully, her hair is perfect for the time period, and I am VERY eager to see her hat or headress! And I think she should be doing needlework or perhaps playing an instrument. Both of those things were considered necessary achievements for the ladies of that era. Finally, you do not WANT to know my unpleasant doll making experiences. Trust me. If I could even BEGIN to make anything this lovely, I'd be thrilled! LOL! My dolls are all odd lil' things - rather like their creator.

silverlight said...

there are dolls like that. Ask her want she wants to be.
All artists experience this situation. I have a doll like that right now.
So, don't toss her. She will get through to you.