Friday, January 19, 2007

Latest Work

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This is my entry in the 2007 Angel Challenge. The pattern was provided by the extremely talented Sherry Goshon. The theme of the competition is
What do we hope for 2007 to be or bring to our lives?

This is what I wrote for my entry:

The theme for my angel is “exultation and hope” in our marriage. My husband and I both sew. This angel, representing God’s presence in our lives together, will watch over us now and for the rest of our lives. The fabrics I used are a combination of my own personal stash and my husband's remnants; he makes vestments and uses more expensive fabrics than I do. The dark, sophisticated colors convey inner reflection, dreams, grace and beauty.

Using Sherry’s pattern, I made the arms and body. Next, I needlesculpted, gessoed and painted the angel’s face and hands. Then sewed them to her body. I drafted my angel a hat from the Middle Ages called a liripipe. The liripipe is lined with coordinating box pleats. The tail of the liripie is stuffed to give it shape. For the skirt I began with a lined black broadcloth underskirt and then finished with a burgundy overskirt. I used more of the body fabric to make a scapular and finished with matching burgundy satin ribbon. Her wings are made from foam and trimmed with burgundy ribbon using a whipstitch. Lastly, she is attached to a resin Romanesque candlestick.

I cannot wait to see the other entries for this competition. Good luck to the other entries!


Judi W. said...

She is very beautiful! Best of luck with the competition.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow she is elegant and lovely.
Best of luck

sodoathome said...

Your angel is beautiful! -----dopel