Saturday, March 20, 2010

New work on the distant horizon.

Some time has passed now and despite my love for waldorf dolls, I feel that my ugly, nasty little girls are my true passion.  Today I was actually able to work on of them.  This doll is inspired by a horrible little wretch at the library.  Would you believe she had two black eyes and severe chapped lips.  She went around the library bullying children much smaller than her, which included my daughter, my seventeen month old daughter who is unable to walk.  A sort of yapping sound pierced the hush of the library. "Sheee-LAH STOP THAT! It was Shelah's mother I suppose diciplining Shelah while talking on her iphone.  Shelah went on to push my child off a toy.  The look I gave her did so much more than miss iphone.  Shelah found some other toy of interest and my daughter got to finish her turn with the toy.  I look forward to finishing sculpting the hair, painting and sewing her costume.


dopel said...

Sounds that that little girl maybe be taking out her frustrations on those smaller than her because she might be experiencing some type of "abuse". Sometimes that abuse can be severe or just not having a loving enviroment to grow up in-----how sad

Read Between The Lines said...

I have been missing those nasty little girls so much, hurry back!