Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nasty Nellie Blaylock and Lula Geisel on Ebay

Nasty Nellie Blaylock 006

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May I introduce Nasty Nellie Blaylock. She is eight years old and as you can plainly see is quite the little devil. It must be said that MRSBO not only has orphans from this corporal kingdom, but other dimensions and realms as well. In this world, Nellie Blaylock was a complete bane to the Sisters of the Holy Wretched. One could say Nellie was too wretched, even for the nuns. Sister Orlick was often overheard saying that "one day that child will rule in Hell!"
Despite the fact that Sister Orlick's prediction was correct, we at MRSBO do not give up on our little ones. Nasty Nellie Blaylock still deserves a loving home. Are you that person? Can you find it in your heart to help Nasty Nellie discover adoring virtues and solid loving discipline. She will need discipline...quite a lot of it actually. Maybe even some chains and a locked room...but I digress.
Nasty Nellie Blaylock is holding her beloved doll George. We are not quite sure what George is, but all that matters is Nellie cannot function without him. It's true that there are many mysteries about Nasty Nellie Blaylock.

Lula Geisel 007

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Mr. Pringle's Society of Feeble Prestidigitators (MRPSFP) has graciously donated their time and skills to raise some money for Mrs. Blathersby's Orphanage (MRSBO). Charity for the greater good of life's most unfortunate creatures. It was decided that each magician would make a doll to sell for the charity.

The doll for this auction was created by Commander Tootsopht (Ret.). Commander Tootsopht often regales the society about seeing strange sea creatures while serving in the Barbary Wars of 1816. Wild yarns peppered with sitings of giant squids and deadly sea serpents are often met with subtle disbelief and disguised eye rolls. He even claims to have seen old Bloody Bones in the flesh. Poor old Tootsopht!

Commander Tootsopht was delighted to participate in the charity auction for MRSBO. He proudly named his doll Lula Geisel.Lula Greisel was created by Commander Tootsopht, as you already know. He was supposed to conjure a little rag doll for the orphanage, but somehow he created ...well how would one put it delicately? He made a squid girl. I suppose one can never predict the strange results of the Society of Feeble Prestidigitators. Half little girl and half cephalopod, Lula is very frightened of the orphans and inks all over the place.

Lula is holding a little mermaid doll created by one of the ladies of Lady Pickwort's Society of Exemplary Hygiene. It is our sincere wish here at MRSBO, that you will take pity on poor Lula and bring her home with you.

Please bid early and often for the little children of our orphanage.

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Plain-n-Simple! said...

What a wonderful Blog you have!!!!!!! Gosh i just Love your Nellie Blaylock!!!I like the fact that you make a story for your dolls, or visa versa. I used to do that, and truly enjoyed telling a freaky far out story!!! You are out of this world!!!!!