Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MRSBO Adoption: Cordelia Thunderfiz and Felix Thump

Cordelia Thunderfiz 005
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The Curious Story of Felix Thump.

by Melisa Matkin

Cordelia Thunderfiz's father was once a great explorer of lands unknown.
He would drag his family to parts of the world with great trees and plants overgrown.
Sir Thunderfiz's achievements were recognized by the royal majesty.
Doubtless, it was whispered, he would meet with some horrid tragedy.

As soon as he would return home, he'd be off once more
To darkest lands and strange continents to explore.

Was it great riches or fame that drove him north?
Life's too short to stand in one place, sally forth!
He would cry in great tones of glorious mirth.
And off he go with family in tow to the bizarre ends of the earth.

Then one day while exploring fantastic fauna and flora,
His precious wife and co-explorer, a lovely woman named Dora
Passed away quietly after the long travail of childbirth.
A baby named Cordelia drew her first breath on this strange patch of earth.

And now dear readers, our tale grows most sad
Don't say I didn't warn you that things grew very bad.
So now's your chance to run and dissappear
Before the dread words of this poem you hear.

In Sir Thunderfiz's library there is an ancient tome,
Within it's dusty pages there's a story written in shakey hand by Sir Jerome.
His stark descriptions and strange ramblings of giant savage bugs
Were simply much too much for his curiousity to simply shrug.

And so it was Sir Thunderfiz went off once more
To darkest lands and strange continents to explore.

By this time, Cordelia,only five, craved her father's attention.
"Not now, Cordelia," her father would distractedly mention.
Softly she'd turn away and leave the room
To play with her toys alone in the murky gloom.

"I'm so lonely" Cordelia would cry to her teddy.
"I try to talk to Father but he says, 'that's enough already!'"
Poor motherless Cordelia, abandoned and forsaken
Never gave up hope on finding a friend, courage unshaken.

After several months at sea, Sir Thuderfiz's ship came upon an unknown isle
"Could this be the place of Sir Jerome's story?" he wondered with a smile.
Thunderfiz and his team went to find the tribe of savage giant bugs
Little Cordelia, left alone, went on her own exploration scarecly afraid of insect thugs.

As her father searched in vain, Cordelia discovered something within a foilage clump,
It was to her great delight a little insect boy named Felix Thump.
"Will you be my friend?" she exclaimed with joy.
"Of course, of course!" buzzed the little insect boy.

Happily the two children played together all day long and until it was night.
Cordelia went home with Felix Thump, ate a great feast and slept tight.
Not once was Cordelia bothered by the savage bug's language and dress.
In fact, one just might say, Cordelia could care less.

No longer was she lonely, she had found a new family
Giant insects who loved her, at least to a tolerable degree.

But what happened to Cordelia's Dad?
What about the warning and what happened that was so bad?
Remember from a few lines ago the great feast?
It was her father, truely a great beast.

© 2008 All rights reserved. Melisa Matkin of Coppermouse Dolls

I am very pleased to present my first MRSBO adoption for 2008. Also, it marks the first time I have used poetry to tell a story. Truly, I will be sad to Felix and Cordelia go, but they need a new home. In the future, I plan to explore more of the mysterious giant bugs.

This doll stands 11 inches tall. She is made from my original patterns. Her head is needle-sculpted cloth with paperclay. She is painted with artist acrylics and sealed with acrylic varnish. Her dress, petticoat and bloomers are also made from my original patterns. Lastly, this Cordelia Thunderfiz comes with her little friend Felix Thump. Felix is made from muslin which is then hand-painted with artist's acrylics. His eyes are glazed with iridescent glitter to give them life. Felix is around 6" tall.

She may stand with the assistance of a doll stand (not included) or sit nicely on a shelf.

This doll is signed and dated by me, Melisa of Coppermouse Dolls.


Tami said...

Brava!! I love the poem, it's a great touch. Good luck with the auction. :-)

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you Tami.

kay susan said...

Oh! She's your best one yet. I think it's because of the finish, it's superb. Great poem, what fun!

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you Kay. :)

Dolls of Yore said...

I Love your awesome creations and twisted tales Melisa! You are the best!

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you T.:)

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is lovely and the poem is just perfect for her

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you Shashi. :)