Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dora and Cinnamon

Dora and Cinnamon 004

Tonight Dora, the snow girl, and Cinnamon, her pet fawn, go up for auction on Ebay.

Dora is a one-of-a-kind doll and made right from my own patterns. She is made out of cloth and paperclay and hand-painted with artist's acrylics and with just a hint of glitter. Her dress is made out of mint green velvet, cotton and embellished with pink ribbon and lots of lace. She is wearing a pagoda style dress with lacy bloomers and a petticoat. She has pink and white striped painted stockings under her bloomers. Her pink mittens and black boots are also hand-painted. Her bonnet is from ivory satin brocade lined with lutrador and trimmed with pink grosgrain, lace and ribbon flowers. It is removable, too.

Cinnamon, Dora's pet fawn, is made out of paperclay and hand-painted with artist's acrylic. Cinnamon loves to sit in Dora's lap, but is just as content to sit by her side.

Both pieces are signed and dated by me, Melisa of Coppermouse Dolls.

I will try to make one more orphan before the year is over, but Dora is my last doll for the year. There will be some small paintings and perhaps an ornament or two on Ebay, what doesn't sell I'll list them in my Etsy store. I just can't believe this year is almost over. It's been an amazing year to say the least.

Happy Holidays,


calamitykim said...

oh, I love her! I bid as high as I could on Miss Minerva, but alas, some scoundrel outbid me! My hopes were dashed and I cried myself to sleep. Oh, well, tomorrow being another day, I will hike up my hose and blow my nose and wrap the shawl of hope around my shoulders and struggle forward...have a lovely day!

the_coppemouse said...

You too, Kim. :)