Tuesday, October 09, 2007

MRSBO Adoption: Pamela Pumpkinhead

Welcome to this week's adoption. May I introduce to you Pamela Pumpkinhead. She is five years old. The story goes that five years ago, a magician from Mr. Pringle's Society of Feeble Prestidigitators was challenged to enchant a pumpkin into a hammer. Somehow, he changed the pumpkin into some sort of little baby girl. The magician was greatly disappointed (he really wanted that hammer) and brought the wee baby gourd to our orphanage.

So why on earth is that child holding an axe, you say? That is easy to explain. Pamela does not want the other children at MRSBO to chop off her head and carve a jack o' lantern out of it. We cannot blame the little tykes their mischief. It is getting close to Halloween after all. However, we are not barbaric here at MRSBO. We decided to give Pamela a fighting chance and allow her to carry an axe for her own protection. Perhaps the best protection for Pamela is if you can bring her home with you.

Pamela Pumpkinhead is made out of sculpted cloth and paperclay and is hand-painted with the finest acrylic paints. From the top of her pumpkinhead to the tips of her black boots, she measures 10 inches tall. Pamela comes with a tiny axe made out of paper and a wooden dowel. It gently fits in her hand. Her dress is made from 100% cotton and is my own original design. She wears tiny muslin bloomers with a matching petticoat. Her black and white stripped stockings and boots are hand-painted and sealed with acrylic varnish. You will need a doll stand or chair to display her. She can sit on her own. Be careful with her though, she is still somewhat fragile.

I certainly enjoyed making Pamela Pumpkinhead. She is inspired greatly by my adoration of Edward Gorey (and a somewhat strange predilection for evil children). And since Halloween is right around the corner, why not include Pamela Pumpkinhead with your decorations.

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kay susan said...

You surely are showing your dark side these days! Nice job!

thecoppermouse said...

Mwah ha ha ha! ;-)