Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Beatix: A learning experience.

This doll did not sell on Ebay. Why? I wish I knew. But I will not let it get me down. Yeah, it stinks plunking down money on Ebay trying to sell a doll you spent three weeks working on. Yeah, it stinks that nobody was interested in buying this doll either. So basically, I've been handed a big basket of lemons. You know what they say about that. So as I sip my rather bitter lemonade, I think to myself that this kind of doll slips through the cracks of doll collecting. Collectors are not interested in buying a doll that looks like this one. I realize that this is a monumental learning experience and not a waste of money. It is not a failure, but important information right there at my fingertips. So I guess I will stick with big nose fairies and fat baby dragons for
now. I wanted to thank everyone in my doll groups for all of the kind words and encouragement about this doll. Feel free to share you learning experiences with me, and while you are here, would you like some lemonade? I made it myself.


Jan in PA said...

Oh, please don't be disappointed. As a long time doll artist and designer, I have had days (and auctions) like that. Once, while trying to generate interest, I started a doll at $1. Can you imagine what a hit to the ego it was to see one of my dolls sell for $1?

This doll interested me, but she looked way too much like an old boyfriend of mine, I believe it was the hairline, for me to consider letting her live with me.

Don't give up. You have such talent!

thecoppermouse said...

Thanks Jan. I appreciate your comments. Thank goodness I am way past disappointment now. I've learned my lesson. :P

Megan said...


For what it's worth I watched the progress of the doll with great interest but I was really suprised that you turned it into a baby girl - the early pics of the sculpt looked male to me and old - like a character piece.

Mind you I'm not much of a one for sugary sweet babies (in dolls that is) - I much prefer character pieces.

Your work is fantastic by the way - I loved the one Ute bought - she was really something.



thecoppermouse said...

Thanks, Megan!

Nadine said...

is this doll still living with you?
i agree with the other comment that there is something too severe with the hair line - perhaps adding more hair to the forehead area will soften the face.