Saturday, June 09, 2007

Little Usha Mauvais Complete

At last, Little Usha Mauvais is complete. Her dress is made from black silk and black and silver brocade satin. I used black satin ribbon to trim her dress. There are tiny handmade bows at her shoulders. The pagoda sleeves are purely 19th century, which in turn gives the dress a period look. She is wearing a petticoat to help fill out her dress. The full white sleeves are made of an unknown fabric. It feels like silk but has stretch. So it definitely has spandex in it. I wish I knew what it was exactly. When I had the fabric cut, I asked the lady what it was and she didn't know either. Usha ended up looking very gothic lolita. Which I have to admit, I really like it. I enjoyed styling her hair, but was very nervous while doing it. I think her bat wings are just okay. At any rate, I may put her up for auction on Sunday or Monday.

I am including a sneak peek of my next doll. She is about two years old. Her name is Baby Beatrix. She will be a 19th century inspired doll. I already have the fabric. It is a lovely gold and black silk. I can't wait to work on her some more. Of course, I will post pictures of her progress.

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