Saturday, April 21, 2007

Troll in Progress

Mama wants an airbrush. So I need to sell some dolls on Ebay. I do love Etsy, but I get more instant gratification with Ebay. I am currently working on a troll. My big-nosed fae is still drying. She is to date the largest doll I have sculpted. So while she dries, I figured I'd make a troll to sell.

Here is a sneak peek. She doesn't have any hair yet or a costume, but I intend to take care of that on Sunday. She is made out of cloth and paperclay. Believe it or not this is the same pattern I used to make Queen Vasina. I have since changed the body and shortened the fingers. Her body is filled with plastic pellets so she can sit. I worked on making the doll more interesting with a tilted head and eyes looking to the side. Also, she will be holding an egg.

I am sure I will have to sell quite a few trolls and faeries before I can get that airbrush.

Happy Dollmaking!


Tami said...

I just love the expression on the troll's face! Can't wait to see how she progresses.

Ute said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see! How much will you be selling her for?? Lvoe the green eys and awesome nose.