Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Some Doll Updates

Gosh, I can't believe it's going to be Thanksgiving! Where does the time go? Here are some doll updates to enjoy. First up is Katherine. Actually she is a doll I completed two years ago, but I am going to enter her in the Various Horrible Criminals doll challange on Doll Street. I think she meets the criteria and could become a member of the dungeon. Katherine is a succubus and preys upon men. I had so much fun making her. I modified a pattern by Patti Culea and then sculpted her face using super sculpey. Her alarming features are hand-painted acrylics. This doll also marks the first time I ever made a doll costume. Oh man, I was so scared and really struggled with the sewing machine, but eventually I finished. For me, Katherine really cemented my love and severe addiction to dollmaking. I don't really make scarey dolls like this anymore...or do I?

Changing gears considerably, I just finished a brand new Golliwogg design. I dressed him up in anticipation of the holidays. Using Florence Upton's illustrations, I worked very hard to capture his likeness. Below are the results. My golly is made from black doe suede and has felt eyes and mouth. His nose is needle-sculpted and his hair is acrylic fur. His jacket is made from red satin and is lined with red broadcloth to give it shape. I just found the green striped fabric and thought it would be perfect for his pants. I still want to make a blue pair of pants for him to wear after the holidays are over. His bowtie is made from red grosgrain ribbon. I think I would like to sell this doll as a pattern, but there is no way I am gonna part with this little fella.

The last doll is Our Lady of Walsingham. I need to make her blue robe, veil and of course baby Jesus. I like her wimple. It was so easy to make. I will definately have her ready in time for Christmas. I still need to figure out how I want to make her throne. But in the meantime, happy holidays and happy doll making!


Anonymous said...

Your dolls are lovely!!

Erica said...

wow I love Katherine, she looks just right for the dungeon.
by the way I just found your blog this morning, I signed up for Google alerts under the subject dollmaking and yours was the first alert I received, cool huh?

Erica said...
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thecoppermouse said...

Thanks Erica. Drop by anytime! :)