Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our Lady of Walsingham--Doll Thumbnail

Well it's soon to be November and "that time of year" is creeping up on me. I am referring to Christmas and it seems most dollmakers who sell on ebay are making Santas, snowmen and snowqueens.

Now it isn't that I don't like those kind of's just I don't like making them. That side of Christmas has never appealed to me. Maybe it's because my grandmother decorated the house with seemingly hundreds of Santas, elves, gingerbread houses and countless tacky red and green things; I suppose it would be safe to say I got burned out on that aspect of the holidays.

To the right is a quick sketch of the Virgin Mary taken from the Our Lady of Walsingham shrine in England. There is a reproduction of the shrine in our church. I like that she is holding a lily and baby Jesus while sitting on a throne and wears a crown. I love the image of Mary as the Queen of Heaven. I think this would be an easy doll to make. Also it would make an oppurtunity for quiet reflection.

I seem to have a lot of brands in the fire at the moment, so it may be a while before I can get to making this doll.

Happy dollmaking.

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