Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Preparation for a Reproduction

To the right are my studies of a doll by Izannah Walker. I think one of the most rewarding aspects of dollmaking is to challenge yourself every once in a while. While I could never afford a real Izannah Walker, I can certainly try to make one for myself. Doing some quick drawings with a pen, I observed the proportions of the face. The face is the most important feature. It will either endure you with it's charm or repel you with it's strange features. Sometimes a doll that many consider to be quite ugly, will be a knockout to doll collectors.

Izannah Walker dolls possess the anatomical features of child. Half of the head are the features and the other half is the forehead. The doll has very large eyes, a thick nose, and a small mouth.

Study this chart to the left made by Andrew Loomis.

So I have made my pattern and sewn it all together and stuffed it. Tomorrow I will apply glue and Paperclay. I will post some pictures too.

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